We are currently filling slots for Fall 2018 completion! Feel free to message us for any artwork or fursuit work! You can contact us through our commisions areas, facebook or by emailing me at awier@weaselsoneasels.com ^_^


Also, through December 30th, you have the chance to bid on this premade head!

From Facebook:

“Finally! The Dutchie is finished! Now is your chance to take home this good fellow!
<3 <3 Sharing is Caring! <3 <3

This toony style head features a static jaw with following eyes, excellent vision and great ventilation. This head is adorned with with soft airbrushing and tapered fur length. This head is fully lined with lycra spandex and finished with a soft ribbon tag inside the neck.

This Auction is cross listed and ends on December 30th. Can be paid for in up to two payments with a minimum 50% downpayement. Purchase of this head grants you a 10% discount for any future suit work involving this head/character. Shipping not included in final price and is extra. Bids are binding.”

You can bid here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weaselsoneasels/photos/a.670670949648930.1073741833.593146274068065/1570436083005741/?type=3