Weasels on Easels

July 2024


At Ashaeda’s Desk

Wondering where your at in the queue?

The queue is available all times of day and night! Work in progress blocks are updated regularly with progress images, notations and more as it is available.

Painting time! I have been painting canvas for the first time in years! I am excited to get back into it. This piece has been a labor of love, lots of layers slowly building up the depth. I have spent a lot of time slowly building layers in this piece to build depth. I have been working on this during my art day on Tuesdays. I am not currently taking commissions for paintings or badges at this time due to personal time availability and my existing queue.

 Next up we have a big update for Anon Darss, the body has been fully assembled and we are ready to pull it onto the DTD and pattern the tail, padding pockets, and wings! The feet are in progress and going to be worked on after Silver Wolf’s feet are done. I am working with Garrundt on him and we are shifting focus to him exclusively for a bit after Silver Wolf is finished.

Ashaeda has been working on some new hand paws for Silver Wolf and has most of the kinks in the brand new realistic anthro hand paw pattern and getting ready to finalize the pattern for future projects. A second set is being made for Monarch Wolf you will see later in future news letters.

News in the Coffee Cavern

Check out our new products in the Etsy shop this month!

This month we have added our new hyena headbases! They are available in resin and foam and are now and options for clients to choose from for their builds.

Casting has been going crazy between Garrundt and Arctonyx! They have been making more colors of calico pads/noses along with the brand new yeen nose! They have been focusing on making sure stock for both etsy and con stock are fully stocked on a more regular basis. This focus has been leaning on them working together to become more efficient as a team and develop new techniques together!

Garrundt has moved up to assisting directly on queue work with Ashaeda and is currently working on feet paws for Silver Wolf. The current step is installing the paw pads by hand sewing them in. Progress has been steady and the queue work is getting done faster now with the additional direct assistance, more tasks can be handed back and forth as a result double the hours are going directly to the queue every week.

NEW Stickers coming to Patreon! Garrundt and Ahsaeda have been working on new sticker designs and updating a couple existing designs. Join our patreon to get some of these new stickers as a part of Patreon rewards at $5 and up for the summer! 

Want to see what's being worked on before your suit?

If you want to current work in progress, your always welcome to ask! You can also join our Ko-fi Membership for live updates on what’s happening in the studio! Our membership is $5 a month and includes a live group chat, bases, patterns, art downloads, and more as long as you are a member!

Beyond the Studio

LVFC 2024

Our next scheduled con is Arizona Fur Con in October, followed shortly by BLFC. We have been applying for BLFC for several years now and are very excited to possibly return. We attended as vendors at BLFC last year and had a great time!  We plan to apply for Midwest Furfest this year as well. We don’t have high hopes, but who knows. Worth a shot, right? We have been applying to as many events as we can and always apply to events we vend in prior years


We finally got an ADA friendly apartment! We moved very suddenly in February and have been slowly getting the new space setup and functional. It has taken a lot of work between other tasks and conventions. We have the studio about 80% put together the way we want it for work, we just got streaming back up this last month and have a flow going in the new space. Moving has given Ashaeda more function to use their wheelchair both in and out of the house and has had more freedom to move about as needed. The space is entirely arranged based on accessibility and we plan on making a “welcome to our accessible studio” tour of sorts to show our growth in this new change.

Upcoming Conventions

Conventions help us earn revenue that is used to order materials, cover business expenses and refunds without the need to open the queue. Con stock is primarily handled by Arctonyx and Garruntd.

Another Furry Con (Confirmed)

Another Furry Con takes place on September 27-29 2024 in Ontario California.

Biggest Little Fur Con

Biggest Little Fur Con takes place October 14-17 2024 in Reno, Nevada

Arizona Fur Con (Applied)

Arizona Furcon takes place
October 11-13 2024 in Mesa, Arizona

Current Studio Health Status

Currently, Arctonyx is out of the studio with a severe head injury. He got knocked out and had an ER visit for it. He is taking a mandatory 2 weeks off work to recover and he will slowly continue on light duty for a couple weeks until he is feeling better. Ashaeda is on a new medication and working with their doctors on diagnosing narcolepsy. 

Meet your studio crew!

These are your background Weasels! Helping to fill orders, handle con-stock, and training to become fully fledged makers, they handle background tasks so Ashaeda can work on the queue.



Shipping, Molding and Casting Master, Customer Service, Con Stock, Order Fulfillment

Also known as: John Snow Leoparrrd

The cheerful yet grumpy darss we all love. He is the maker of all of our molds and printer of all things 3D.  Arctonyx enjoys learning about unique communities and has an Anthropology degree. He is an avid rock collector and makes wire wrapped jewelry in his free time.

Pronouns: He/Him/His


Head Artist, Head Fursuit Maker, Custom Orders, Product Design, Manager

Also known as: The Darsi Den, 96037

Ashaeda is the origin and heart of Weasels on Easels. Turning a love of nature and wildlife into a passionate drive for creation, Ashaeda has been deeply buried in art for most of their life. When not behind the easel, you can find them swimming or partaking in nerd culture.

Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs
Garruntd / Ube

Garruntd / Ube

Assistant Manager, Custom Orders, Order Fulfillment, Con Stock, Convention Table Helper, Furry of all Trades

Also Known as: Ube, Random Studio Darss

Garruntd is a caring, hardworking individual providing assistance to Ashaeda in the studio and at cons. Garruntd hopes to become a registered nurse one day. When not working, they are often spotted drawing or playing video games.

Pronouns: They/Them/He/His