Ordering your FursuitĀ 

Welcome to Weasels on Easels! If you’ve made it this far you probably have seen our work and are wondering how to obtain a one of a kind Fursuit made just for you.

If you’re on this page you are looking for one of two things… A price for your unique character or a information on how to order a suit. Before we get to either of those we’ll need to ask you one question. Are you looking to purchase now or within the next six months or just looking for a price estimate?

If you are just looking for an estimate, try our Fursuit Price estimator. It’s easy, free and you can use it as much as you like!

Try Our Fursuit Price Estimator Now!

A cost estimation form is coming soon! For now in order to get a quote please save and fill out the following forms by saving and then using a drawing program or printing out, filling out and scanning finished quote form. Return them to us through email or via Facebook message. Unless you are getting a quote for an artistic liberty design please send at least a three view reference sheet with your completed quote form.

***We will only give 3 free quotes per 90 day period***

Site Under Construction, Sorry for the Mess. If you have questions please visit our Facebook page. Thank you!