Ordering your Fursuit 

Welcome to Weasels on Easels! If you’ve made it this far you probably have seen our work and are wondering how to obtain a one of a kind Fursuit made just for you.

If you’re on this page you are looking for one of two things… A price for your unique character or information on how to order a fursuit, cosplay costume or hand crafted prop. Before we get to either of those we’ll need to ask you one question. Are you looking to purchase now just looking for a price estimate or quote?

  • If you are just looking for an estimate, try our Fursuit Price estimator. It’s easy, free and you can use it as much as you like! Go wild!
  • If your wanting to make a purchase, you’ll want carefully review the instructions on this page to have the best shot at obtaining a slot.

Unfortuantly, due to high demand, we cannot possibly accept all projects from every individual, and cannot afford to fill direct quotes for those not seeking to order. We highly recomend saving up to pay for your project in full, and if your unsure of final pricing based on the calculator, recomend saving at least 125% of the estimate. This ensures you wont be short and that if something comes up, it will not affect your slot, as we cannot refund the non-refundable portion of your suit (30-50% of your total) once your slot has been placed, and cannot provide refunds once the work has been started.

Try Our Fursuit Price Estimator Now!

Not quite ready to make the plunge?

Why dont you try making your own? We have a variety of supplies and materials available in our etsy and all sorts of tutorials and step by step imagery available in our Patreon. Come explore and create with us!



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Ready to Order?

If you’ve reviewed our site, and are conifedent in your readiness to order, then carefully review and follow these instructions to apply for a slot.

Some quick notes up front:
  • Keep in mind, that if we are not currently open for work, we will not be able to process a quote form for you, and that applying for and reciving a quote does not guarantee a slot.
  • We reserve the right to decline work for any reason, and while we do not descriminate based on body, religion, gender, race, sex or any else, there are time we are unable to accept work due to the nature of the project and our ability to fulfill your requests within the best of our physical limitations.
  • Please take your time to fill out your quote form well. Tell us about your character and design. Tell us about thier personality and how you want it brought to life. Tell us why you chose us for your maker. We will put hundreds of hours into your unique character and we want to know what it takes to breath that spark of life into them and make them more than just a costume. We want clients just as passionate as we are who will stick it out to the end.



Step 1.)

Gather your portfolio and review our prices. Make sure that you can afford both the monetary and the time cost that goes into making a suit. Commissioning a fursuit is a unique experince that involves good, prompt communication between both the maker and the customer. Ensure that our work is within your price range before asking for a quote. We value our time spent working for each and every client and we hope you do too!

Example of correctly formatted ref sheet

You can download our quote form on our “Request a Quote” page!

Dont forget to pay your quote fees!

Step 2.)

Carefully spend time filling out your quote form. Show us that you care about your project as much as we do. ONLY fill our the areas that apply to your specific project. If your ordering a partial, you should leave the bodysuit section blank. If you run out of room, fill out another page and send us a clear, legible picture of it with your completed form. When your satisfied with your request and certain that we will be too, gather your references, color pallets, your quote form and any special requests/images and submit them through our “Request a Quote” page on our website. Then go to our Etsy and pay the quote application fee. If you order within 14 days of receiving your quote back, the cost will be deducted from your suit total.

Don't forget to read our Terms of Service!

They are binding and will serve as the main portion of your contract!

Step 3.)

Take the Plunge!

Time for the legal stuff. This is the LAST step and once you’ve started it, there is no turning back.

By now, you have received your quote and probably discussed payments, the TOS and all that good stuff. Now we get to the root of the process and sign off on agreements.

Let’s get going:

  1. Verify agreement to TOS: You will be provided a PDF noting any specific adjustments pertaining to your order to be signed and returned.
  2. Verify age and Identity: You will need to provide to us a copy of your full identification, an image of you holding it (for extra security, thank previous minors for this) and alternate contact information so we don’t loose contact with you.
  3. Discuss and sign contract: Any additional contracting will be discussed if needed outside of the terms of service. Typically it is agreed upon with payment of invoice.
  4. Pay for your slot (up front or over payment plan): We provide invoicing via Paypal, Square or Direct Payments. We can apply a 3% discount if all payments are paid via cashier checks or money orders.
  5. Confirm queue placements: Your build will be added to the queue once it is paid in full. Our queue is found here: www.weaselsoneasels.com/queue
  6. Wait patiently for your build to be started! All work is queued and made in order. No exceptions. 

Congrats! If all of these steps have happened, your now on the queue and hopefully happily and excitedly awaiting your slot to reach the “Work in Progress” Zone.  Once we are ready to start, you will provide us your current measurements or a DTD and then sign off on one final document that your ready to go and accept your build parameters and we will begin! 


Agree to TOS

Verify age and Identity

Discuss and sign contract

Pay for your slot

Confirm Slot and Wait!

Here is a more in depth guide about the commissions process. As always, if you have any questions, concerns or need help finding something on our site, feel free to reach out to us at: customerservice@weaselsoneasels.com Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my guide and consider our work for your project!