A Few Tips to Help you suit safely!

While Fursuiting is great fun, it can be dangerous if done improperly. Things like heat exhaustion and dehydration are no joke and since no suit has perfect vision it can be easy to run into something and trip and fall. Here are some ways to mitigate such dangers and maintain healthy fun fursuiting.

#1. Always have a handler

A handler is someone that you trust to watch over you and help you while you’re in suit. It’s best if your handler is not also in suit so that they have clear vision and can easily take care of tasks that a suiter cannot due to any suit or charcter constrictions. A good handler will help you stay hydrated, keep you from bumping into things,  help defend you from rough play and help with public interactions so that the suiter can stay in character.

#2. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can lead to a host of nasty problems such as heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and fainting. Taking numerous water breaks is extremely important. A handler can carry your water for you and open containers and such. Long straws are also useful for drinking while in head. If you can fit it under your suit a water filled backpack with drinking tube is highly recommended.

#3. Stay Cool

Don’t hesitate to take a break and get your head off in a cooling lounge if you’re feeling overheated. A cooling vest with cores that you can change throughout the day can be a lifesaver.