Fursuit Galleries

Here you will find several galleries of some of our previous fursuit and cosplay creations! Things towards the top of a section are more recent.

Fullbody Fursuits:

Every body suit is made unique for the character we are creating with double stitched seams, hidden zippers and are fully lined with our custom sweat wicking lycra inside for a long lasting and durable work of art. Parts are made individually of each other and in a specific order for the most seamless final look.


Each head we make is meticulously hand crafted to order from a variety of materials including resin, soft uhpholstry foam and even stiff EVA foam or custom heat formed plastic!

Individual Parts and Costumes:

We have historically made a wide variety of stand alone parts and projects since the beginning, taking pride in the durability of everything we make while constantly striving for improvement in our work everywhere we can. Here are some past parts we have created.