Terms of Service

These are the current terms of service effective as of November 23rd, 2018. Terms of service subject to change without notice.



  • Weasels on Easels does NOT accept commissions from anyone under the age of 18. All customers will be required to verify their age prior to receiving quotes or fursuit commissions.
  • Customers are REQUIRED to read our Terms of Service and sign a contract before their commission will be accepted. All invoices are considered legally binding contracts and by making payments on them you are agreeing to our terms of service.
  • Weasels on Easels operates on a Queue based system. All suits will be completed in the order of which they are added to the queue. There will be absolutely no exception to push you forward in the queue. Queue positions may change due to cancelations of other clients. Your suit is added to the queue when it is FULLY PAID FOR.
  • ALLERGEN WARNING – Our suits are made in an environment that has cats and other animals. We do our best to keep them away from animals, but if you have allergies, we assume no responsibility and will not accept returns for allergy concerns.



  • All requests for quotes must be submitted through our quote submission forms. This form will be made available to you to fill out. Incorrectly filled out forms will not be accepted.
  • Weasels on Easels will provide a maximum of three free quotes per customer per 90 day period after which a $25 charge will be applied per additional quote. A price estimation calculator will soon be available for running through all your various options to get an idea of their base price.
  • A 3-view character reference sheet is needed for a quote and necessary for the creation of your specific character. This needs to include a fully faced front, back and side designs. ¾ views will not be accepted. Asymmetrical characters require a minimum of 4 side views. A color swatch section should be provided for fur matching.
  • We highly recommend contracting our affiliate artist Symrea for reference sheet design. They can be contacted here: www.facebook.com/symrea
  • There is also the option to request an Artistic Liberty suit. For an Artistic liberty suit we will not accept a reference. You must pay for at least 3 colors (you can choose them or leave them up to us). You choose your species and pick your suit options and then we build to our hearts content from that information.


Style and Design

  • If you have chosen not to provide a reference, all work is considered artistic liberty and no guarantees will be made for pattern or color matching.
  • Weasels on Easels is open to suggestions and preferences on certain aspects of a fursuit and will accommodate as much as we can. Weasels on Easels will not copy other makers work, style or designs. While we will do our best to match your character, there are limitations of what can be produced and it must be understood that alterations from your original character may be nessesary
  • Weasels on Easels will not build a suit of a character that does not belong to you, please do not ask us to copy someone else’s design, character or to create something similar to somebody else’s suit.
  • Weasels on Easels will work as hard as possible to match your desired colors but due to faux fur color limitations we may not be able to attain exact matches.
  • Make sure you are confident with the design you send in. There will be no changes once you are added to the queue. The reference you turn in and have approved is the one we will use. Any changes will result in a charge for time and materials for those changes and this will need to be agreed to and paid in full before any work is continued.


  • When accepted for a commission slot and your commission is about to be started, you will be asked for various measurements depending on the type of commission you have. Please make sure these are as accurate as possible.
  • For full body fursuits, legs and torso’s a duct-tape-dummy (DTD) will be required. You can message us for video guide recommendations. When making a DTD, make sure it is form-fitting and built with STRONG duct tape. The better the DTD, the better the sizing of your bodysuit
  • You may send in your own pair of (VERY CLEAN/NEW) shoes to have your fursuit feet built on. This is optional and does not change the cost.
  • When you receive your fursuit, if in certain cases your fursuit doesn’t fit I will do my best to fix it and make adjustments as stated under my warranty. This does not apply to sizing issues related to inaccurate measurements taken by the customer or a poorly built DTD.
  • Any DTD’s that are made incorrectly as to affect our quality of work, will be required to be replaced at the clients expense. All suits are shown on the DTD to verify correct fit prior to being sent to the client.



  • Weasels on Easels accepts Paypal and Etsy only. All of our prices are in USD (United States Dollars).
  • Weasels on Easels is open to payment plans with a deposit. A minimum 50% down payment is required within 48 hours after signing the contract. This down-payment is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • There are no payment plan options available for all items under $500. (0.01 – 499.99).
    • For all sales of $500.00 – $1999.99 we will accept payment plans up to 3 months.
    • For all sales $2,000 or greater, a payment plan of up to 6 months will be accepted.
  • Payment plans are based on a minimum amount per month. This amount is due on the 5th of each month. The payment amount required is dependent on the total cost of the commission and will be discussed once a quote has been given. If a monthly payment is missed or late, a $50 late-fee will be added each time a payment is missed. If more than 1 payment is skipped in a row without paying the previous payment, the late-fee is increased to $75 until the commissioner is caught up on payments. There is no fee for paying your suit off early, however no payment plan fees will be refunded.
  • If no payments are received after 3 months worth of time, your commission will be cancelled and you will receive a refund minus the down payment.
    • Because of this, we highly suggest you are financially stable and ready to be able to pay your suit over the allotted time as no exceptions will be made.
  • If the initial down payment isn’t received within 48 hours of signing the contract, your contract will be void and you will lose your commission slot. This may cause you to lose priority for future work.
  • Full payment must be received before your suit is added to the queue. When you have paid in full, your suit will be added to the end of the queue and created when we reach your place in line.



  • Shipping is not included in your quote. Based on your location I can give you an approximate cost but I will not know the exact amount until your suit is finished.
  • Weasels on Easels reserves the right to choose shipping methods and customers should expect to pay for shipping insurance and tracking. A separate invoice will be sent for this cost after the completion of the suit and it will not be mailed until this is paid.
  • Weasels on Easels is not responsible for local taxes. We cannot estimate your local taxes, nor will we make any exceptions for you. We will NOT ship items and mark them as a gift or having no value to help you avoid taxes.
  • A tracking number will be provided at all times if possible. This includes overseas delivery. If you are overseas, you should expect to pay for full tracking and be available to sign when it arrives.
  • Weasels on Easels is not responsible for cost of redelivery if your shipping pick up/drop off window is missed. Keep us informed of when you are available to pick up. If the package is returned to us, you will need to repay shipment costs before it is sent again. Due to the nature of our work being custom, there can be no special refund exceptions due to missing to missing your package delivery.
  • Weasels on Easels is not liable for damage/lost packages occurring during shipping
  • All packages with value over $500 will require signature delivery. Please make accommodations to receive your package.
  • We are based in the United States and shipping can be expensive for shipping out of country and over-seas. You can expect a minimum of $75 – $200+ for in country shipping of full suits, and minimum $500+ for suits leaving the country.
  • Under absolutely no circumstance will we ship parts of your order early. All items will ship when they have all been completed and photographed for final portfolio images. Due to the nature of our photography not always being on grounds, there may be up to a 2 week delay from completion to shipping. Suits are generally shipped and photographed in small batches.


Keeping in Contact & “Work In Progress” Updates

  • We try to keep in contact at least once a week if we don’t hear from you to relay updates/progress when we are working on your suit (but not necessarily photos)
  • Weasels on Easels may contact you with a question regarding design/features so please remember to check often on whichever contact method you gave us
  • You may message us at any time with any questions or concerns. We will usually get back to you within a day or two.
  • We love sending Work in Progress photos and videos (aka WIPs), they are a great way to give feedback on your character’s design.
  • However, we will only send WIPs when we feel comfortable with the current look/stage. Please do not constantly hound us for updates or try to rush as this will only put stress on us and impact the quality of your suit.
  • By ordering a suit from us you authorize us to live stream any build time we see fit and use of any and all photos we take during and after this process for marketing, patreon and similar applications, social media, our website and other business related use.
  • If requested​, we can leave the purchaser of your suit as anonymous.



  • Weasels on Easels is in no way or form accepting deadlines.
  • All suits will be finished in queue order. Forcing your way to the front of the queue will not be tolerated and result in contract termination. Termination of contact in this way will result in a refund minus the deposit, and cost of any existing labor over that point.
  • Weasels on Easels aspires to work hard to get your fursuit to you as soon as we can but we cannot not always anticipate or control setbacks such as the building process itself, acquisition of materials, personal life emergencies, etc.
  • Weasels on Easels can offer an approximate finish time but we will not rush to meet it as it might affect the quality and appearance of our work and the integrity of your suit. We will not agree to meet specific cons and will not offer refunds for missed con dates. Please order well ahead of your date and plan accordingly.
  • Weasels on Easels is a business made up of people with a range of disabilities. We ask for your patience with health concerns. Keep in mind that we have both good and bad days, so if you see video of one of us dancing, don’t assume that we won’t be in a wheelchair (or in bed with debilitating pain, etc.) the next day. It should be expected for at least 3-5 days off of work after all cons to recuperate and clean the studio for new work. We may not always be the fastest makers, but we spend our time carefully and meticulously building your suits, for the highest quality possible. Having several builders, we overlap work, and share projects to be as productive as possible, while creating, unique, durable, high quality work to suit your needs.



  • Please contact us before considering a refund. We will do our best to fix the concern or issue you have.
  • You may cancel your commission at any time and you will be refunded the cost of your suit MINUS the non-refundable down payment.
  • The down payment is non-refundable because it covers the cost of materials and overhead to begin crafting your fursuit. We take pride in starting with the finest materials we can get so this is quite an expense.
  • If you have received your finished fursuit and wish to be refunded, you must first ship all parts back to us before your money will be issued back. Your refund will be less your deposit and a 15% resale fee. The suit must be returned in brand new, unworn condition to qualify for a refund. All suits are inspected prior to shipping and all returns will also be inspected to ensure it meet this criterea.
  • If you cancel/void/refund the contract/commission at any time, Weasels on Easels reserves the right to use the materials for other projects or redesign the fursuit and resell it.
  • All attempts are forcing charge backs with your bank or credit card institution in order to avoid loss of deposit due to cancelling your commission, will result in fraud reports to all local and non-local authorities involved. We are real people and not machines. This is a serious matter that greatly affects our business and our makers. Doing this immediately voids your contract and removes all possibility for refunds. All scamming attempts are taken very seriously.


  • Weasels on Easels offers a one year warranty for regular wear-and-tear and sizing issues noticed when first received.
  • Shipping is required by the customer for all packages sent to and from Weasels on Easels. This includes repairs, adjustments, DTD’s, etc.
  • After a year, repairs both big and small will require a fee and may be declined depending on current schedule and queue.
  • Repairs can’t always be guaranteed to be finished ASAP and will be finished between other commissions. Please be patient so they can be done well and correctly.
  • Warranty is voided if notable changes or repairs are made to the fursuit or parts without first notifying Weasels on Easels. You should reach out to us for all repairs before reaching out to other makers when possible.
  • Use of the suit for sexual purposes voids the warranty due to sanitation complications. We will not make, alter or change suits for this purpose or that have been used as such. All suits sent to us that are found to be used for such will immediately be returned.
  • Weasels on Easels does not warrant against any work not done by us, or parts by us that have been altered or adjusted by anybody else aside of minor repairs by the client.


  • Wearing fursuits can be dangerous if proper precautions aren’t taken.  All mascot costumes get hot and have limited vision. Please make sure to take breaks, stay hydrated, and watch where you’re going! Having someone not wearing a fursuit to accompany and be your handler is HIGHLY recommended to help keep you safe.
  • Weasels on Easels is not responsible for any accidents, injuries or property damage that occur while wearing your fursuit. Take care to suit safely and may you have many years of fun and joy with your suit.


By requesting a quote, you agree to abide by my terms and conditions and understand that you can request a downloadable copy of them or view them publicly here at anytime.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to Contact Me!

www.facebook.com/weaselsoneasels | www.etsy.com/shop/weaselsoneasels | awier@weaselsoneasels.com


Weasels on Easels Patreon Loyalty Rewards Program Terms of Service

These are the current terms of service for our Patreon Loyalty Rewards Program effective as of March 18th, 2019. Terms of service subject to change without notice.




  • The Weasels on Easels Patreon Loyalty Rewards Program is available to CURRENT and FUTURE PATREON PATRONS ONLY
  • Purchases made before becoming a Patreon Loyalty Rewards Member do not count towards earning points.
  • You become a Weasels on Easels Patreon Loyalty Rewards Member by becoming a Patron and receiving your Membership I.D. number
    • Membership I.D. number will be provided upon becoming a Patreon Patron (contact us if we miss you, if you are a current patron you will receive your ID number shortly)
  • Our Regular Terms of Service (see above) still apply to all purchases and services ordered.

Earning Points

  • All Patrons earn Loyalty Rewards Points each month equal to the dollar amount pledged.
  • Bonus Points can be earned throughout the year and vary in amount based on pledge level.
  • To claim bonus points you must provide your  Loyalty Rewards membership ID number

Using Your Points

  • Points can be used to discount 75 cents per point off of a purchase of Weasels on Easels merchandise up to the full value of item(s) purchased.
  • Points CANNOT be redeemed for cash.
  • Points CANNOT be used on shipping and handling costs.
  • You must provide your Membership ID number in order to use your points to make a purchase both online and in person (so don’t lose it).
  • Points are non transferable but can be used on purchasing gift certificates (gift certificates cannot be traded for cash).
  • Points do not expire but can only be used by currently active patrons. You do not lose your points if you stop your subscription, however you must be actively supporting us to both gain and use points.




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