Here at Weasels on Easels you can find a variety of unique artwork. Along side painting, drawing and sculpting you will also find fursuits! Whether you are looking for a unique portrait of a furry friend, a lovable mascot for your high school team or your own alter ego, I can bring your dreams to life in a unique, one of a kind, fully wearable piece of art. Information on prices and how to obtain one can be found below!




Interested in ordering from us?

How long will it take to build my suit?

Weasels on Easels operates on a queue based system. After your suit has been fully paid for you are added to the queue in a block with several other suits/parts and your suit will be completed accordingly. We focus on quality over quantity and take the time necessary to make your suit not only look amazing but last for years.

I have an event coming up. Whats the quickest time it can take to get a suit?

We will not rush a suit to fit a deadline. Please do not plan conventions around suit completion time.

Is fursuiting hot?

Yes it is. It is important to stay hydrated and rest when you need to while wearing your suit. My suits include internal fans in the head that help with ventilation. There are purchasable cooling vests out there that help with heat and suiting in warmer climates.

We assume no responsibility  for personal injury from use of our products.

How are you suits made?

Thats a hard question to answer since so many things go into making a single suit. If you wish to see how they are built, I usually stream 1-2 days a week on my Facebook page for your viewing pleasure as I create art and build suits. www.facebook.com/weaselsoneasels

Will my suit make it into a live stream?

Most likely! I try to give everyone at least a little screen time. You’ll be notified before or during a stream if your work will be shown.

I have another Question!

Feel free to email me or contact me via one of my many pages and I’ll try and answer it best I can!

Partial Fursuits

Include Head, Hand and Feet Paws, and Tail.
  • Recommended for those who have little fursuiting experience or those looking for more budget friendly options.
  • Cooler and more transportable than a full suit.
  • Can include shoulder to wrist sleeves for wear with a t-shirt.
  • Double Stitched Seams for Durable, Long Lasting Wear.
  • Features resin base heads with moving jaws, following eyes and internal fans.
  • Add-ons can include extra fans, LED eyes and claws, wings, etc.

Full Body Fursuits

Includes full body suit, head, hand and feet paws, and tail
  • Choice of front or back zipper and snap in padding for ease of putting on.
  • Can have padded digitigrade legs (animal style) or unpadded plantigrade legs (human style).
  • Fully Washable with Removable Padding
  • Double Stitched Seams and Lined Padding for Long Lasting Wear.
  • Features choice of toony foam or realistic resin base heads with moving jaws, following eyes and internal fans.
  • Add-ons can include extra fans, LED’s lights, claws, wings, etc.