Nontraditional Mediums

I do a variety of other mediums along side my usual traditional art work and many kinds of mixed media projects from sculpting to making mascot costumes and fursuits.


Fursuits and Other Cosplays

Being the nerd that I am, I love making cosplay and LARP weapons and outfits. I also have tried my hand crafting fursuits/mascot costumes and started with my own, a were-badger type creature named Ashaeda.

Digital Artwork

One of the mediums I have the least experience in, digital artwork is a unique medium all in itself. These are all hand drawn from scratch on my Surface book in a variety of programs including Photoshop, GIMP 2.8 and Coral Painter Essentials 5.

One of a Kind Sculptures

Though I do not do it very much, I really do enjoy sculpting things. From polymer clay to traditional, chinelle and even snow sculptures, I’d do it if I had the chance and materials. Anatomy and proportions have been an area that I have struggled in and taking the time to carefully sculpt things out has really helped me to learn some these things and progress in my artwork as a whole.

Other Things

Other meanderings from lapidary work to stuffed animals and anything else that doesn’t fit in another marked category. I have a tendency to agree to almost anything thrown at me and have had some very interesting projects along the way.

Windstone Editions PYO’s

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